Log Cabins Wigan – Fishery & Educational Log Cabin Project

We have just completed our most recent project here at EdenPod.

Fir Tree Fishery, located in Appley Bridge, Wigan, commissioned us to create a bespoke educational building for their needs. As well as being a local fishery, Fir Tree does lots of work with the local community, and have a educational program for special need students. They are involved in other educational government projects.

The log cabin was to include facilities such an office, 2 classrooms, a garage, utility/store room and a toilet. In just under 2 weeks, our skilled team completed the build with the facilities required.

The EdenPod team wish the best of luck for the future of Fir Tree Fishery, and hope you enjoy the following images of the completed Log Cabin below!

For quotes on your own Log Cabin project, please contact info@edenpod.co.uk.

Log Cabins in Wigan-1

Log Cabins in Wigan-2

Log Cabins in Wigan-3

Log Cabins in Wigan-4

Log Cabins in Wigan-5

Log Cabins in Wigan-6

Log Cabins in Wigan-7

Log Cabins in Wigan-8

Log Cabins in Wigan-9

Log Cabins in Wigan-10

Log Cabins in Wigan-11

Log Cabins in Wigan-12

Log Cabins in Wigan-13

Log Cabins in Wigan-14

Log Cabins in Wigan-15

Log Cabins in Wigan-16

Log Cabins in Wigan-17


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